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About Keith Hart | Owner/Licensed Locksmith | One Minute Key by Lockhart Locksmith

Keith Hart grew up taking everything apart and putting it back together. He loved figuring out the science behind the object; how things worked, why they worked, and how he could add to that magic. He used his parents tools in the garage to take apart everything; from lawnmowers to lights to windows to computers to swing sets. You name it and he figured out the mechanics; he fixed it. Keith was drawn to anything with nuts and bolts or screws. Keith changed his major 6 times throughout college, realizing he didn’t want to sit behind a computer for a career, but instead, wanted to be on his feet fixing things and using his hands. He worked his way into the hospitality industry through the Ritz Carlton. He learned amazing customer service and business ethics from the best. Keith solved guest issues with professionalism, respect and honesty. After leaving the hospitality industry he worked for a locksmith in Sarasota who has over thirty years of experience. Keith wanted to fine tune his skills and grow in this industry because it has been a passion since his childhood. He worked on helping expand the owners business for four years, and then in 2017 Keith began his own business. He has taken all the skills he has mastered from the Ritz Carlton and previous locksmith experience into his business today, making him a professional and personable locksmith.